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Located in the power seat of Nigeria, the Abuja branch was the last to kick off in the country. The branch from inception attracted people from all works of life, both the youthful and the experienced. The branch also is a home to many members who have left their initial branch of admission and have settled in Abuja to build a career and home.


Yene Ekpa, 08183685800
Fola Ojemuyiwa, 08025759995


Apr 22 – Campus Outreach, University of Abuja, FCT

IDP Camp
Apr 28 – Jolly Dance 4 Kids Day, Area 1, FCT
Sep 2017 – IDP Camp, Adopt A Kid Camp

May 6 – Secondary School Outreach, New Karu, FCT
July 9 – Fresh/Minishow, Lugbe, FCT
Aug 12 – Market Outreach, Wuse, Abuja

All Groups
Oct 1 – 1st October Show


1st January – 1st March, 1st October- 1st December annually

Club meetings, Dance rehearsals
Sundays, 3pm-7pm & Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: The Fitness Centre, Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja

Overnight Prayer Meetings
Friday nights 10:30pm, at 8 week intervals
Location: Venue available upon request

Dance Classes –
Available Classes:

  • Latin (Salsa & Jive)
  • Lyrical Hip Hop
  • Naija Fusion (Naija Groove)
  • Contemporary Ballet Dance
  • African Traditional Dance

Contact us for more details about dance classes.


Abuja branch of Spirit of David Gospel Dance Club was inaugurated on the 10th of November 2013 at a show titled ‘Babalass’: A call to spiritual awakening. The clarion call for the Abuja branch was especially important, as the city of Abuja was noted to be populated by a large number of preoccupied, busy believers in Jesus Christ, embroiled in the political and socio-cultural affairs of the Federal Capital, slowly becoming forgetful of the primary calling: to preach the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ, to all men, every where. Following its inception, the branch has hosted mini-shows and events in the city .

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Why We’re Dif’rent

Spirit of David

3 Dancing Men

A dancer in Spirit of David is not reckoned so much for their individual skill but rather for their interpretation of our 3 core pillars.