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This was the last branch to be inaugurated during the 12 state road tour. Although this Ekiti State branch was primarily focused on the campuses, it has worked in close proximity with various other establishments and even the government. It currently hosts some of the youngest members of the club who are doing a great work.


Contact this branch at 08100711079 or


Major Projects help twice a year. Please contact us for more details.


January and after any project

Dance classes (held by members)
During orientation class, dance classes are held for both new and old members.


Ado branch was created in the year 2002 during the 12 states road tour. Her 1st show titled, 9 out of 10 was held in the year 2002.

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Why We’re Dif’rent

Spirit of David

3 Dancing Men

A dancer in Spirit of David is not reckoned so much for their individual skill but rather for their interpretation of our 3 core pillars.