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Affectionately known as P Segs, Segun Lawal is the President & Chief Coordinator of the Spirit of David, Gospel Dance Club and has been since inception in April 1997. He has spearheaded the organization’s multiple events and performances over the last nineteen years and has well over 350 professional staged appearances, scripting over forty theatrical productions.

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In almost 17 years or so of our service, I have witnessed too many miracles, close shaves and unbelievable favor to ever question the purpose of God upon us. At times, I wonder about it: Why would the Lord God Almighty choose to work through us (or anybody for that matter?) But He has…and He does. He took us in and brushed us up. He has used us to be blessings. We have challenged and touched lives all over the globe. We have redefined dance and choreography. We have glared at the face of our generation and boldly taken a different path.

Our generation desperately needs integrity and excellence and in Spirit of David we believe every act (on stage and off) must reflect this in totality. We realize that to ‘speak’ to our generation, we must learn the ‘language’ of our times. Today, especially among young people, that language is music and dance…and no one else speaks as fluently as we do!

About Segun Lawal

He graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University in 1997 as an accountant.

In 2003, He was appointed the Vice Chairman of the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria, where he managed twenty two dance performances and shows until 2009 and was pivotal in setting up the academy that turns out professional dancers to date.

In March 2008, Segun was selected by the United States Department of State; Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to participate in an International Cultural Exchange Fellows Mentoring Program for Performing Arts Managers. After which, he was awarded the prestigious Fellow of the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, Washington DC.

In Spirit of David, his role includes managing the branches through the coordinators and overseeing all administrative functions. As a pastor, he also offers Biblical counsel and teachings to members – especially as it relates to the mission.

Why We’re Dif’rent

Spirit of David

3 Dancing Men

A dancer in Spirit of David is not reckoned so much for their individual skill but rather for their interpretation of our 3 core pillars.