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Never forget the three ingredients of a Spirit of David dance: professionalism, uniqueness and the anointing!

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It’s the truth that one does not put new wine into old wine skin. The fact of the matter is that we are in different times. Most members are growing into economic and societal maturity and independence – and with it – the tempting need to commit themselves to the pursuit of other things. The key is not to equate membership to anything other than involvement.

This is a church without walls. You are a member anywhere you are and the effect and watchword of Spirit of David can still be felt wherever that may be.

Stay Involved…Join A Project

There are plenty of opportunities for our busier or ‘out of range’ members to remain involved, even in light of their present commitments. Please contact your local branch coordinator for suggestions about various ways you can still contribute to the overall good of the club’s vision and purpose.

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