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The testimonies of changed lives abound in this club and span countries and continents. We love to highlight our members and give them a platform where they can share their testimony of the goodness of God through their Spirit of David experience.

Adeniyi Olayode | UK Branch

Not only did SOD lead me to my calling and purpose, it also aligned me with my greater ministry – giving the next generation the gift of praising God through dance. Early in my life, I wasn’t what anyone would call the “church-going” type. In fact, I remember mocking my colleagues who made known their dedication to a church fellowship. I’d sarcastically ask if that was the reason their parents sent them to university.

Much of the criticism of my classmates was, no doubt, to deflect my personal hardships. As a result of failing a course, I was facing an additional year at university. Having exhausted all of my intellectual resources, I cried out to God for help. When one faces adversity which cannot be resolved by man, that is when we remember the One who is limitless. I promised God that if He would help me pass my course, I’d not only join a fellowship; I’d also find my talent to use for His glory. It was during this especially trying time that I witnessed the SOD performance of Three Inches. As God ministered to me during the show, he told me that my talent was dance. Not having the typical dancer body, I was definitely amused by the initial thought, but decided to dedicate myself to this covenant with him. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

God came through and SOD has given me a family of interesting characters who I have prayed, laughed, cried, sweated, traveled and ministered with on various stages across Nigeria and the UK. With all credit to God and much to SOD, I am firmly rooted in my calling and have a second family that I will love forever!

– Adeniyi Olayode
UK Branch, Since 2000