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Gratitud, Spirit of David’s Partners’ Club, has a desire to see individuals, groups and corporations support our cause: to impact young lives and grant the opportunity to excel in what God has ordained for them.

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The head of Gratitud is Mrs. Nwando Lawal. She works with Mrs. Yoyin Familusi and both are long-serving members of Spirit of David (and fantastic dancers!)

You may contact the Gratitud Club at

We wish to recognize the unforgettable support of the following Gratitud Partners, whose faithfulness and commitment not just to our vision but to overall professional performing arts development cannot be faulted. Don’t stop giving!

Special Thanks to Our Gratitud Partners:

Sarah Boulos and the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria

SPAN has since 2004 supported Spirit of David, not only to stage professional dance shows outside Nigeria but provide the infra-structure for dancer’s career development as well as its wider appreciation.

Dr. Massad Boulos and SCOA Nigeria PLC

SCOA has never turned down the opportunity to support a Spirit of David initiative. Several top-management and lower level staff have given to the cause.

Jide Odusolu & Rhodium Development Co.

A personal friend to the family, Jide and Segun have been friends for about sixteen years. Jide’s wisdom and exposure makes him the perfect candidate for sound, applicable direction and depth.

Skye Bank

By now, it is common knowledge that only one bank had the vision and readiness to take the plunge and invest in what turned out to be Nigeria’s favorite TV show ever – Celebrity Takes 2 is an example of this corporate giant’s commitment to saying ‘Yes!’.

Bola Austin-Peters and TerraKulture

TerraKulture provides such a rich location for some of the club’s very important performances. Of recent TerraKulture again provided a venue for a Spirit of David classic: the Couples’ Dance Championship.


Why We’re Dif’rent

Spirit of David

3 Dancing Men

A dancer in Spirit of David is not reckoned so much for their individual skill but rather for their interpretation of our 3 core pillars.

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