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Why We’re


Dances in Spirit of David form the obvious back bone of our organization and outreach. A dancer in Spirit of David is not reckoned so much for their individual skill but rather for their interpretation of our 3 core pillars. These 3 must be evident in every dance and every “dancing man”.

Spirit of David Dancers


Spirit of David members apply themselves in society by staging professional shows that offer excellent dance sequences for paying audiences. Our members have been privileged to sit under several hours of master classes worldwide. If one considers the several art organizations we have worked with, and the fact that the Chief Coordinator is a fellow of the prestigious Kennedy center for the performing arts in Washington dc, it is clear that our dances and presentations must be of the very high standards.


Creativity is all about connectivity and Spirit of David seeks to connect audiences with our God through unique and unorthodox concepts designed to challenge the status quo. If one considers that we have staged 95 shows, each one unique and non-repeated, it is clear that creativity is at our core. Members are encouraged to shine and be comfortable in their individuality while setting the pace in godly standards. We love to do things people have never seen before. So whether it’s touring Nigeria for the first time with the gospel of dance or airing 2 successful seasons of the first ever Nigerian dance TV show Celebrity Takes 2, uniqueness would ever remain the more appealing side to our mission.


Spirit of David’s aim is not just to put on a production but to change lives. At the end of the day, this is what matters most and to be able to offer comfort, inspiration, conviction and direction to people. A great deal of preparation goes into every dance and event. Several hours of praying, fellowshipping, worshipping and bonding coupled with a detailed research of our society and its needs bring us to a place of realization that without God’s intervention, we would simply be empty vessels making noise.

SOD Founder

Pastor Segun

Pastor Segun

He has spearheaded the organization’s multiple events and performances over the last twenty years and has well over 350 professional staged appearances, scripting over forty theatrical productions.